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Why Does South Korea Hate Japan?

2015-08-30 14,132 3,251 1,564,714 YouTube

Why China Hates Japan Subscribe! Japan and South Korea's relations have left unhealed wounds stemming back to the 19th century. So why does South Korea hate Japan? Learn More: Negative Views of Russia on the Rise: Global Poll "Views of Russia have strongly deteriorated since last year, as shown in the latest 24-country poll for BBC World Service conducted mostly before the events in Crimea." Japan repeats apology for Korean occupation as ties with Seoul improve "Japan's prime minister has offered a "heartfelt apology" for his country's occupation of the Korean peninsula, but indicated that Tokyo was not willing to discuss any claims for compensation." South Korean man lights himself on fire during anti-Japan protest in Seoul "An elderly South Korean man set himself on fire on Wednesday outside of Seoul's Japanese embassy during a protest by so-called "comfort women," survivors of enslavement at Japanese military brothels during World War II." The Economic History of Korea "Two regime shifts divide the economic history of Korea during the past six centuries into three distinct periods: 1) the period of Malthusian stagnation up to 1910, when Japan annexed Korea; 2) the colonial period from 1910-45, when the country embarked upon modern economic growth; and 3) the post colonial decades, when living standards improved rapidly in South Korea, while North Korea returned to the world of disease and starvation." Subscribe to TestTube News! _________________________ TestTube News is committed to answering the smart, inquisitive questions we have about life, society, politics and anything else happening in the news. It's a place where curiosity rules and together we'll get a clearer understanding of this crazy world we live in. Watch more TestTube: Subscribe now! TestTube on Twitter Trace Dominguez on Twitter TestTube on Facebook TestTube on Google+ Download the New TestTube iOS app! Special thanks to Lissette Padilla for hosting TestTube! Check Lissette out on Twitter: