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Goku Saves Android 18 From Being Eaten Alive By Anilaza!(Subbed) - HD

2017-12-24 2,372 89 471,481 YouTube

Goku uses Instant Transmission to save android 18! Goku saved both 17 & 18 so far! It seems we to get to see everytime a new tactic to eliminate opponents from the tournament! Even Whis got impressed! Anilaza/Anirāza! seems uncontrolled & extremely powerful beast! Universe 7 is hanging by a thread, they need to come of something new quickly! Goku also asked Frieza to join the battle & he does! He got insulted by Anilaza(Thought he attacks him because he is weak) It gives time to Universe 11 to gain stamina though, Is Universe 7 in trouble?! Taken from Episode 121! All copyright belong to the original creators of this fantastic anime!