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America never thought of using Incirlik against the PKK in all these years. And we will not let Incirlik be used to kill Muslims now

2014-10-24 23 Dailymotion

- The Prime Ministry issued a statement in response to the claim that ‘Turkey has allowed us use of its Incirlik Air Base.’ The statement said’ ‘There has been no agreement on using the Incirlik Air Base against IS. But requests have been received. These requests are being evaluated.’

Adnan Oktar: For years it never crossed America’s mind to use Incirlik against the PKK. We are both NATO countries, but for years it never entered their heads. Tens of thousands of our troops were martyred, but it never even crossed their minds. Yet when the PKK (communist separatist terror organization) was on the ropes in Kobane they started to make a fuss. They are now shouting about how weak the PKK is. America is threatening Turkey with the PKK. America wants Turkey to enter the fray to rescue the PKK. They regard the elimination of the PKK as a terrifying prospect. That is very wrong. It is an abnormal way of thinking. America turned a blind eye to the martyrdom of tens of thousands of our troops by the PKK, and it is now threatening heaven and earth because it does not want the PKK to be destroyed.

- To date, the PKK has carried out more than 80,000 terror attacks, and we have 16,000 wounded veterans.

Adnan Oktar: They have martyred tens of thousands of our troops and civilian citizens. We have as many injured veterans. Nobody realized. There are more than 16,000 because there are injured civilians, as well. Some have lost arms, and others legs. Some have been blinded. The PKK did it all. America does not care at all. They ask me, ‘What has the PKK ever done to you?’ What more do you want? They have martyred or crippled tens of thousands of our people. They have destroyed tens of thousands of our buildings. Yet they still say, ‘So what?’ They still want us to help and arm the PKK.

We do not want the Incirlik Air Base to be used against IS. We will not be a tool for murder. We will never accept that. We are opposed to America’s general conception of killing. America has no intention of employing education, talk, love, affection compassion or other such virtues. America’s language is one of ‘bombs.’  Wherever it looks, it tries to resolve problems with bombs and bullets. America has suffered severe harm as a result of that policy. It has become isolated in the world. It is regarded as a murderer.

My apologies to the American people and government. I am referring to the American secret state, the secret state that inflicts this savagery.

We will never be accomplices to murder. They must not try and encourage Turkey to kill. We will never allow the Incirlik Air Base to be used. Our government is made up entirely of virtuous Muslims. It is an insult to tell a Muslim to ‘Go and kill another Muslim.’ They must not put such a proposition to Turkey.

- American planes used Incirlik to carry supplies in the Iraq War. There is talk of that happening again.

Adnan Oktar: My brother, they must not try and involve us in this filth by talking about logistics or anything else. We will never agree. Whatever they do anywhere, the blame will lie with those people. We are strongly opposed to bombing. They must not try and involve us in this filth, neither directly nor indirectly.