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UPDATED! Exhaustive List of Major Events That Have Happened Since Blood Moon/Shemitah Year! 8-21-15

2017-10-20 0 Dailymotion

You will be surprised! A must hear! Tune in and forward! An exhaustive list of bullet-pointed major prophetic events that have taken place. Collected from April new - August 21st new!\r
Tune in and listen to the full 3-hour HD unedited broadcast originally aired on 8.21.15 here: \r
Just a bit of what is listed:\r
- Pope Francis recognizes Palestinian Authority as a State by signing Global Agreement\r
- Nasa says world is running out of water\r
- CERN restarts twice and becomes closer to recreating big bang while opening up another dimension into the demons of hell\r
- Historic meteor showers lights up skies\r
- Blood moons reported outside of schedule Tetrad\r
- MT. Everest Sized Asteroid to Shave Earth \r
- Germanwings plane crashed suicide by pilot killing all on board\r
- Russia Declares Right To Deploy Nuclear Weapons in Crimea\r
- Putin pulls out of Post Cold War Arms Treaty\r
- Russia and North Korea declare new A Year of Friendship \r
- House Resolution 758 Re-Visit: U.S. Declares War on Russia\r
- Nepal saw back to back quakes measures over 7.0 hundreds killed\r
- Millions Hens, Chickens and Turkeys dead due to unprecedented bird flu disease in U.S.\r
- Charlie Charlie game invites demons to harass children and adults\r
- NYSE suspends trading, goes in the dark for 4 hours\r
- Bomb threats at retail stores, schools, govt buildings, airports, etc increase nationwide\r
- Pastors Ignacio and Anita gets another letter threatening to behead them and all their children\r
- Obama signs unconstitutional amnesty for 5 million illegal immigrants\r
- Hindi goddess displayed in New York Empire State Building\r
- Mega Quake 9.0 Now Predicted for Bay Area, N. CA Anytime\r
- U.S. makes Historic Alliance with Cuba\r
- U.S. signs Historic Nuke Deal with Iran\r
- Unprecedented and Massive largest toxic algae poisoning west coast ocean\r
- Several Walmarts close suspiciously over Plumbing Issues for 6 months!\r
- Targets all across Canada close suddenly after 3 years in business\r
- Record breaking droughts, floods, fires world wide\r
- Temple Institute in Jerusalem makes major announcement on red heifer and rebuilding of the third temple\r
and much more! \r
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