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[Korean Only] DPRK TV Drama "The Class Continues (Part 1)"

Part one of an eight-part TV Drama from the DPRK. It appears to be relatively modern, but I'm not sure of the exact year. If somebody does know the year this ...

2013-11-11 43:26 32,011 YouTube

Testcard of DPRK TV

Run up to 5pm opening of TV service.

2010-02-23 00:54 19,632 YouTube

Opening Sequence of DPRK TV

The start of a regular day's broadcasting on Korean Central Television at 5pm. Features the Song of General Kim Il Sung and the Song of General Kim Jong Il.

2010-01-28 06:06 49,850 YouTube

Programmes from DPRK TV

Last few minutes of a documentary film about army personnels' love for Comrade Kim Jong Il, followed by a music video of the song "Look at Us", and then the ...

2010-01-30 09:45 4,146 YouTube

KCTV startup

Startup of North Korean TV April 13 2013 Testcard - National Anthem - Song of Kim Il Sung - Song of Kim Jong Il Recorded from Korean Central Television via ...

2013-04-13 07:28 98,444 YouTube