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YouTube Cha ne de dprktvradio

2010-09-16 03:22 532 YouTube

TV musical interval

Leading up to the 8pm news on Korean Central Television.

2010-02-23 02:36 2,947 YouTube

"Don't Advance, Night of Pyongyang"

A popular song that's often played on DPRK radio.

2009-03-08 05:02 43,166 YouTube

Pochonbo 6

Performance of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble of the DPRK.

2009-03-01 04:17 4,338 YouTube

"Our Toast" Наш тост 我们举杯

Soviet patriotic song from 1942 performed by Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble ансамбль электронной музыки "Почхонбо " 보천보전자악단 普天堡電子楽団

2009-03-06 02:00 10,532 YouTube